100WC 27

My brother and I always got into fights, even though we love each other. My friend and I were a little short on cash, but we knew my brother had a decent paying job and a wad of cash just laying on his desk. So we decided to go on a deadly mission and steal his precious money. If anyone were to find out my friend and I would be grounded for life and probably beat up. But we knew it would be worth it. We crawled into his room and grabbed the money although we  ran quickly we were still not making enough progress, that's how I broke all my bones.

100WC 22

I just got my new goldfish, Goldy. He was very excited and jumpy. It looked like he could jump over a tall ladder. I did not want to loose my fish if he flew out of his bowl. I thought I was taking good care of him until I saw the brown murky water. I forgot to clean the water and the bowl! No wonder Goldy looked so sick. He started slowly turning upside down and I knew he was gone. I was a horrible fish owner. next time I will just get a hamster.

100WC 21

 The great escape

Our pack of trees, were sneaking down the back ally of our owners house. They did not treat us well, sometimes they took our bark or wood. We tried to escape to a tree farm where we can do anything we want, including having fun. We were hoping no humans spotted us well we were on our mission. After what felt like hours we reached our destination, or at least we thought we made it. We realized this was no tree farm, this was a human farm! And it looks like they need more wood for there Fire!

100 WC 19

Slippery Fish

Goldy my fish had lived for a hundred years, which is very long for a goldfish. But, he passed away so, I flushed him down the toilet and right when I flushed him down I remember all of the pipe problems we were having. Water started rapidly flying in every possible direction. I dashed out of the house because my life depended on it. When I was outside it was like my house had flooded. Suddenly, it came down the drainpipe. Goldy! It almost looked like he was alive but, when I got the urge to pick up the fish I got a fish skeleton.

100WC 14


"Monkeys can't entertain! That's what elephants are for!" Screamed the ring leader.  "Well, it's too late now. I bought him, and I am going to train him." I calmly said. Finally, he agreed and I brought the monkey into the training room. "First I will show you a video of what monkeys do in the circus." I explained. The monkey looked outraged, and he obviously didn't want anything to do with the circus. I showed him the video and he pushed the expensive computer off the table and ran. From this day on, I never saw my job or the monkey again.

100wc 13

"Get them!" my friend and I screamed
as two older punks grabbed my tiny puppy. We chased and chased when finally they ran inside a building as big as mount everest. Inside there were so many security guards its like they were guarding a prison with all the worst  crimanals we stealthily creeped inside like ninjas on a mission
After what felt like hours of searching we found the stairs and climbed them. There was one guard pacing around two doors "Stop there!" he screamed
I heard barking that sounded familiar

100 WC 12

Blast Off

Hundreds of sandwich's were piled in a bag. Tossing the last one in, I made a check on the list. "Crew, check the battery one last time," I demanded.
"It's good sir," They responded.
Hopping in to my ginormous white suit that would allow me to breath in space,  I hurried into the rocket. Now I really looked like an astronaut. I felt so energetic to be going to space but also sick to my stomach at the same time. I heard the countdown start,"Ten, nine, eight..." It felt like a bomb was ticking of the seconds to my existence. And I was off!